Dealer Summit 2024 Look Back

MPBC Summit Take-Away: Championing Concerns with Unity.

Conversations throughout the Summit highlighted the strength of having a provincial leadership business voice. Individual dealers often grapple with a labyrinth of regulations and compliance demands, making the operation of their outlets an intricate task.

A single dealer has so many regulations and compliance issues in running their store. Therefore, having a dealer association is simply good business. A dealer association is not just beneficial but essential for streamlined business operations.

MPBC, representing a united front of dealers, independent service facilities and OEM's is perfectly positioned to initiate impactful changes with both government and regulatory bodies. This collaborative approach not only advances dealer-specific concerns, but also fosters industry-wide best practices, training, and resources.

MPBC’s neutral stance allows it to effectively liaise with policy makers and enforcement bodies, presenting dealers concerns without any inherent biases.

Summit Thank You
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