(MPBC) is the provincial voice of the motorcycle and powersport dealers and their stakeholder partners - partners that push for best practices within the dealer sales and service market.

Building on that, MPBC is a provincial leadership voice in safety, careers, and the many aspects of environmental sustainably relative to motorcycles and powersports.

Proudly Powered and Operated by BC’s Motorcycle and Powersport Dealers

The MPBC Provincial Industry Committee is a well-respected, and growing, team:

Lower Mainland
Mike Skiba (Chair) - Greater Vancouver Powersports
Janine Francks - Daytona Motorsports
Brendan Keys - Checkpoint Yamaha
Malcolm Hunter - Deeley Group
Tony Filangieri - Imperial Motorcycles

Vancouver Island
Van Colaco - Island Motorcycle Co.
Norm Zulps - Vi Powersports

Scott Harvey - Kelowna Powersports

Kevin Westerhaug - Main Jet Motorsports

Northern BC
Dustin Lloyd - Cycle North

Executive Director
Paul McGeachie

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The Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council, originally founded in 1971, is a national, non-profit, trade association which represents the responsible interests of the major motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, as well as the manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of motorcycle and scooter-related products and services in Canada.

The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) is a national, non-profit trade association that represents the manufacturers and distributors of off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs)and related products and services in Canada. COHV remains dedicated to the fundamental aspects of ATV and Off-Highway Vehicle safety.



Without a unified industry voice, we are all at the whim of policy, legislative, and marketplace business forces. MotorcyclePowersportBC is the pro-active leadership voice which your dollars support.

Join today and help grow our collective voice.